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Sheep auction

I was in the hospital last month and made a wonderful friend that’s old enough to be my mother, who invited me to a sheep auction today, and it was much more awesome than I anticipated! It was hosted by my counties 4H and the sheep and wool growers association. Not only did I get to admire sheep and talk to farmers (it’s mostly meat this sale), but I found a spinning and weaving guild in the county and they offer teaching FOR FREE *Squeels*

But the icing on the proverbial cake is Susan is offering to have as many sheep as I want for fleece in her flock of meat sheep, so I’m so damned excited I could pinch myself! She’s assigned me to researching breeds, how much fleece = enough for me, etc. There was a couple there that raise Tunis sheep that I’d never heard of. They’re red faced with beautiful cream fleece that’s not quite merino but close, and flavorful meat. As soon as I got home and googled their lil faces I fell in love so maybe that’ll be it. She got a couple cards of some great sheep farmers that raise sheep she’s worked with in the past for meat so we’ll see!

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