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Finally: Spinning!

May 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I finally met up with the spinning and weaving guild for my county yesterday, and it was so amazing!  It was hosted at an alpaca farm that was having an open house. Well, the open house part was canceled due to the weather but we could still go check out the shearing. Warning: alpaca’s tend to barf when stressed, yuck! But the guys shearing were amazing and one tried to fool us into thinking he never spun before when he took over Lynn’s wheel!

The night before, I made a small spindle that’s not too terrible from a dowel rod and a wooden toy wheel. My spindle is a bit light until you get some fiber on it, so I could put a washer on the top to help weigh it down a bit to start. But for my first attempt, I did park and draft so I wasn’t trying to do too many things at once. That’s where you spin the spindle a lot to get the twist, then “park” it by placing it between your legs or something to hold it while you move the twist up the fiber while drafting. I was using alpaca combed straight off the critter so it wasn’t all in the same direction so I’m hoping some proper roving will help matters. Of course it’s thin and thick in places but it’s not as horrible as I’d imagined!

I think the best part was seeing my friend’s mom again after all these years, aka my other mother. Somehow, I’d forgotten she was into spinning, knitting and basket weaving (which we’re doing next month!).  Lynn’s talking about making me a niddy noddy so I can ply since I don’t have anything, so hopefully I’ll have enough by next Sunday to worry about that. The guild meets up once a month but she says to come on by next Sunday night and she’ll give me some fiber and such, which is so kind of her! And Bonnie gave me the alpaca to learn on, I mean this is just a great bunch of ladies and I’m so glad to have found them! That and I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who vultures over estate sales looking for stuff hah!

The only downside was all the standing and activity I did flared up my pain pretty bad later that night, but future meetings shouldn’t be that intense since they’re normally not like that. I’ll update with pictures here shortly!

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May 8, 2011 2 comments

I go through knitting spurts it seems, weeks where all I want to do is knit stuff, then I’ll feel blah and not want to pick up my needles. Is this normal? I’m not sure. I have so many projects in my queue, like special olympics scarves, an ipad cozy for my brother, a new hat for myself, something in that dark green mill ends I got for my aunt, gramma wants a tam…maybe start on Christmas knitting early hmm?

But for the life of me I can’t get any motivation. I start on something and just don’t feel it and quit a few rows later. Maybe it’s because I’ve felt worse again for the past week. I don’t see my pain doctor until Thursday and my back doctor until the 17th to discuss any of it so I think things may be quiet for a week or two on the knitting front.

I did finish a pair of easy fingerless mitts last week. Why, I’m not sure. I can’t even use them until Fall rolls around but they’re gorgeous. All I did was make a long rectangle of garter stitch and sew up the side, leaving a hole for the thumb. Super easy and cute! The pattern called for the rows to go up and down but I switched it to across, feeling accomplished that I altered it a tiny bit 😉 the hat I’m working on will match so I’m pretty excited about that.

Here, have some pictures! Here’s the yarn, its cascade bulky leisure HD(hand dyed) , a 50/50 mix of alpaca and pima.

and a mitt on my hand, complete with bling

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