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June 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Not been feeling too well the last month. But I’ve also spent WAY too much time playing WoW with my friends Bob and Kyle or by myself *blush* Plus, I’m changing doctors around again while my pain’s been flared up. The new PCP has me on powerful antiinflammatories that seem to be helping a bit so fingers crossed! It’s been touch and go, which caused me to miss the spinning guild’s basket weaving class this month. But today I finally made myself finish the hat so I can get planning on what to knit during the drive to SEE THE SHUTTLE LAUNCH YES YES YES YEEEEEEEEES!!! My childhood dream come true! 😀

So here’s the hat! I took the pic w/ my new iPhone, and I think the colors look more true on the gloves shot with my regular camera. I just didn’t feel like digging it out right now — getting lazy with this fancy new phone 🙂

As for the trip it’s going to take 2 days of at least 8 hours of driving to get from NW PA to Sanford, FL which is an hour from Titusville where we’ll watch the launch if we don’t get causeway tickets *fingers and toes and legs and arms and eyes crossed!!*

So I’m thinking about a set of bibs in rainbow colors would be more portable, like one in each color of the rainbow since I found out Tim’s cousin Eric’s wife is 4 months pregnant. Plus we’re taking my bug so I can finally recline on a trip! (Tim has a truck with only a regular cab)

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