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Black Friday at the LYS, ETC

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, it’s sure been a while since I’ve felt I had anything to write about, which is funny because once I started I remembered so many things I could add! My personal life has been really crazy with the pain (new meds not working as well a month in, physical therapy, etc.) and now my grandfather’s battling colon cancer and I’ve been super involved with being there from the ER visit to his first oncology appointment coming up December 6th. Plus, wedding planning is in full swing and we’ve been having one hell of a time finding venues for 10/20 since I had to wait until a year before to start (boys! They don’t get it!), but looks like we’ve squeezed in at one place for the ceremony. I still have to call the Elks nearby to see if we can get their banquet hall for the reception (fingers, toes, eyes, etc crossed!)

But in knitting news (which is what you come here for amirite?!) my LYS participated in Black Friday with 15% off yarns, needles and notions, and 40% off books. Normally I abhor Black Friday because things get completely insane. But since KnitPicks has been out of stock on a lot of bulky weight yarn I need to order for my friends kids’ gifts they insist I make, I figured I could get the smaller more “need by Christmas” stuff down there. (The kids were warned they may not get their Stuffie Pug or Cowboys colored mohawk hat on Christmas, and were such troopers when I broke the news that was indeed the case because KP won’t have the yarn until after the new year.) I found a great alpaca blend in dark grey for my grandmother’s Tam, and some simple black wool for another WWII patterned hat for Tim, which he better not stretch out again! Plus, at the checkout I picked up a pack of super cute gift tags that have easy to mark care instructions on the back (no more adding a note card with that stuff and looking all ghetto!)

Guess what?! I STILL don’t have that baby blanket done I was working on during the NASA trip, and that baby’s over a month old now and another snuck up and popped out two weeks ago that I’d planned to knit for, eek! Hopefully this dilemma will be easily solved thanks to my mom’s fiance’s parents, who came down from Michigan before Turkey day and brought with them the knitting machine — please insert angelic choir here.  It’s a Brother electroknit KH930E, which was a pleasant surprise because I was expecting something completely manual, not something awesomely hackable! So once we can find time to pick up in here, eek!, I’m hoping to crank out all these blankets I’d wanted to make in much faster time, and maybe in the future once I get awesome designs going, I’ll test the waters with Etsy or SA Mart.

And finally, being that it’s Cyber Monday, KP has a nice sale going on! I’m trying VERY hard not to get the sock yarn I’ve had in my cart for myself since I’d lose out on the free shipping of having a very large order, but part of me screams it’ll sell out again and may never return since it’s one of those special types so it’d be worth the few dollars…maybe I’ll peruse the queue I’ve built up on Ravelry and try to add a few excuses to the bunch, considering I was way under budget at the LYS. Sounds like a great way to start the week to me!

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