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Sheep auction

April 30, 2011 Leave a comment

I was in the hospital last month and made a wonderful friend that’s old enough to be my mother, who invited me to a sheep auction today, and it was much more awesome than I anticipated! It was hosted by my counties 4H and the sheep and wool growers association. Not only did I get to admire sheep and talk to farmers (it’s mostly meat this sale), but I found a spinning and weaving guild in the county and they offer teaching FOR FREE *Squeels*

But the icing on the proverbial cake is Susan is offering to have as many sheep as I want for fleece in her flock of meat sheep, so I’m so damned excited I could pinch myself! She’s assigned me to researching breeds, how much fleece = enough for me, etc. There was a couple there that raise Tunis sheep that I’d never heard of. They’re red faced with beautiful cream fleece that’s not quite merino but close, and flavorful meat. As soon as I got home and googled their lil faces I fell in love so maybe that’ll be it. She got a couple cards of some great sheep farmers that raise sheep she’s worked with in the past for meat so we’ll see!

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Here we go!

April 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve thought about it, contemplated, hemmed and hawed and had the URL for a few years but until today, I didn’t do shit about any of it. So here we go, finally, I’m going to attempt a real blog about something: KNITTING! Oh lawdy yes, that thing only the old ladies do. So Not True, but we’ll get to that some day I’m sure. For now, I’m going to attempt to learn Word Press here since I got my URL redirection going from Domain Site it seems ALL BY MY SELFS! *Euro Dance*

What about knitting exactly? Well, what not about knitting will hopefully be the short answer. I may even take time someday to explain the history (men did it first!), yarn bombing (tree sweaters?! *squee*), favorite patterns, what’s on my needles, why the hell I started, etc.

Hopefully, we both enjoy the ride 🙂

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