Spinning Cat Hair?!?!

April 26, 2011 2 comments

Oh the things I find on ravelry! I was browsing the Test knit group to see if there were any projects I might like to adopt, checked someones profile to see if a pattern was published and saw they are a member of a group on spinning pet hair. I was like *double takes* WHAT?! and of course had to check it out. Then it all clicked and now I’m dreaming of spinning my damn cat. I love weird things, exotic catgora yarns would fall into that category haha!

But if you really think about it, mats are just felted spots of cat fur, so all that fiber, err fur, is going to waste just shedding off of them all over our things. It’s really time they gave back a bit more than the occasional head butt 😉 There’s even a lady who’s making money spinning people’s pets fur, here, http://www.spinningstrawintogold.com

My mother still has a small amount of brushed fur from her favorite Kitty. I guess it’s more common than I thought. So now I’m sitting here wondering if I could make $ from going to various groomers and asking them to keep long haired cat trimmings. They’re just throwing them out anyway, right?! *snickers*

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Special Olympics and others on the needles

April 24, 2011 Leave a comment

For the past two years, the Special Olympics has had a project for knit and/or crocheted scarves for all the atheletes to take home. I just discovered this shortly before their 2011 deadline for projects and was quite bummed. Charity knitting is starting to become a thought of mine, like chemo caps are in the queue, and love the idea of being able to give with what I can which is my knitting.

The 2012 colors should be released any day now and I’m very excited, but sad because the past two years they’ve used Red Heart Super Saver (because their parent company is the sponsor of the program, but i digress…) and most knitters that are the least bit snobby understand how cruddy that yarn can be. So squeeky and no give, etc. There’s rumors, and I hope it’s true, are that the colors will be available in a wider range of Lion Brand yarns. I’d be happy even if it were the Red Heart soft, because I actually didn’t mind the feel of it when I came across it at a Michael’s last month.

So that’s something coming down the pipe. I’m currently working on a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend, a test knit clutch that’s just about done and a monster afghan — 6 balls of Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Spice which is a nice dark orange, almost rust colored. But that’s something that’s mindless and when I feel like it. Deadline is like before the cold weather sets back in so I’ll have a nice comfy blankie for at the computer or to curl up watching movies since I rarely knit for myself.

Here’s a link to the special olympics scarf project pages if your interested:

And the chemo cap place I plan to donate to someday:

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Here we go!

April 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve thought about it, contemplated, hemmed and hawed and had the URL for a few years but until today, I didn’t do shit about any of it. So here we go, finally, I’m going to attempt a real blog about something: KNITTING! Oh lawdy yes, that thing only the old ladies do. So Not True, but we’ll get to that some day I’m sure. For now, I’m going to attempt to learn Word Press here since I got my URL redirection going from Domain Site it seems ALL BY MY SELFS! *Euro Dance*

What about knitting exactly? Well, what not about knitting will hopefully be the short answer. I may even take time someday to explain the history (men did it first!), yarn bombing (tree sweaters?! *squee*), favorite patterns, what’s on my needles, why the hell I started, etc.

Hopefully, we both enjoy the ride 🙂

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